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The Nikab Unveiled

by Shakeel Shafi 1/29/06


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“Hijab is totally fine if mandated by religion, but nikab is objectionable in several ways. Nikab talks of total seclusion of female character from social theater. In every society except backward tribes, women are a showing presence in novels, books, movies and in the political sphere. Nikab and seclusion don’t work in a healthy and progressive society. Families that practice nikab always play dual hypocritical roles. During lengthy youth years, males always struggle to see the contours of complexion of neighboring girls while enforcing strict isolation of their own. These double standards are daily routines of nikabi families. Now with widespread open programs of TV and internet, nikab has become a joke. Mullahs and scholars should take advantage of Koranic flexibility and advocate hijab and modesty for dress code. We want women to play more active roles outside the four walls of their house. They need education and awareness to avoid subjugation and abuse by the dominant male gender.”

In regards to the burqa, “in my point of view this would be a big punishment to any woman, no religion would impose such a lifelong restriction on any human being.”

“Veil or nikab was not prevalent in Pakistani villages. Women had to go out in the fields to do work. Now it might have increased in villages.”



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