(Update 2013 by Shakeel: Afifa Ahmed-Shafi passed away in 2013 due to cancer. She was and will always be a part of me.)
Standing toe to toe Productions is founded by the husband and wife team of Afifa and Shakeel Shafi. Both husband and wife grew up with the experience of living in the United States as a person of color and as a Muslim. This identity provided them with the insight of what it is to be an American as a minority and to be viewed at times as 'un-American' due to religious or racial background. This insight has lead to the creation of Standing Toe to Toe Productions as a forum made with the goal of bringing out voices in society that are silenced or not as loud as the majority.

Shakeel Shafi holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and has worked for several years as an engineer. He is currently working on producing a documentary film with his wife.

Afifa Ahmed Shafi holds a degree in Peace Studies and has worked as a social worker with homeless, HIV positive women and children in San Francisco, California. She has also been active with the Palestinian solidarity movement. She is co-producer of the first STTP film along with her husband.

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